Sep 28 th, 2015
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Small Business Spotlight: Kiriko

We came across Kiriko in looking for inDinero and QuickBooks customers to comment on this question. In the process, we discovered that Kiriko has some incredibly unique products that we thought we’d highlight in our first Small Business Spotlight feature.

Basically, it appears Kiriko takes traditional, hand-selected, unique, Japanese-style fabrics and repurposes them for a variety of uses including pillows, jeans, more pillows, blankets, and ever cooler pillows.

While all their offerings may not be for everyone’s style tastes, the diversity of their fabric selections is sure to meet everyone’s tastes at some point or another, and it’s for this reason we’d highly suggest you bookmark them to keep an eye on their current and future product releases.

Great stuff guys! We’re glad we found you and wish you continued success!

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