Jan 10 th, 2017
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Introducing Three Initiatives to Help Support Small Business

It hit us the other day, that supporting small business should be much more than 1 day a year. Small Business Saturday is great, but what about the other 364 days out of the year? It might make us feel good to shop locally one day a year, but if we’re giving our dollars to big business the other 364, how much are we really helping?

Enter this post. Or more specifically, 3 ideas we’re outlining there.

1) Together, Stronger
We decided to launch a pledge called Together, Stronger which you can sign here: After you sign, please share on Twitter or Facebook and see if we can’t get others on board with the idea of supporting small businesses more consistently through out the full calendar year, and not just one day.

2) #TogetherThursday
We’re starting a hashtag called #TogetherThursday where we’ll post links to small businesses, encouraging our followers to purchase something from them. How we find these businesses will be totally random to begin, likely coming from hunting on Instagram or Twitter. If you have suggestions for a small businesses that you think would be cool to support, please just let us know on Twitter and we’ll be happy to share. The idea here is to sort of crowd-fund sales for cool small businesses every Thursday.

3) #StrongerSaturday
Similar to #TogetherThursday, we want to encourage people to get out on the weekend to support small businesses more regularly. We’re thinking this hashtag can be used by consumers who visit small business locations on the Saturday (avoiding big box retailers) and show their support on their feeds with the hashtag. We’ll also likely tweet out local businesses on Saturday as well, maybe ones that are having weekend events or something?

Again, as we stated at the beginning, small business is awesome, but we’ve got to do more to show our support than just one day a year! That’s the idea – feel free to offer suggestions or comments for improving. Thanks and have a great day!

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